Fusion Chair

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Fusion Stationary Chair - the state of the art Fusion stationary massage chair makes a quantum leap in the chair massage experience. Standard features include chromatherapy, and electronic chest pad and seat adjustability for ultimage comfort. The TIES system, incorporates the latest in time-lapsed meditative nature journeys to dramatically intensifying the relaxation experience. Combined with the healing hands of a trained therapist, your clients will acheive a new level of rejuvenation. WITH Heating Leg and sternum embedded warmer with 3 heat settings and IPAD

Features :
  • LED Chromatherapy Lighting
  • Complete Sensory Immersion
  • Black upholstered front bow
  • Custom finished with choice of Natursoft™ upholstery
  • Aromatherapy well to tap into deeper restive states
  • IceBlock™ Chromatherapy armrest provides stunning 16 color ambience
  • Preset positions for ease of use
  • Infinitely adjustable electronic seat and chest adjustments for perfect alignment

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Excludes : all taxes and local levis.
Excludes : Installation of 7.5% on total charges.

Optional Extras:

  • Digital heated seat option   +     0
  • Wi-Fi enabled, securely mounted, tablet based control center for content and experience management   +     0
  • IceBlock™ Chromatherapy armrest   +     0

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