• lifting capacity: 250 kg (550 lbs)
  • width: S 76 cm / M 85 cm / L 92 cm (S 29.9 in / M 33.5 in / L 36.2 in)
  • length: 203 cm (79.9 in)
  • height: 57 – 92 cm (22.4 – 36.2 in)

Evavo Gharieni MLW Neo

Product Code: EWS014

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Description :

The handling of the MLW NEO is another milestone in Gharieni’s product development. The hand switch, which features the latest Gharieni double-click technology, is intuitively controllable and can be plugged in on both sides of the spa table, just like the foot switch. The integrated heating of the upholstery is also controlled by the easy to use hand or foot switch.

The MLW Neo can be raised up to 92 cm. An entry height of approx. 57 cm makes it easier to get in. The width of the lying surface can be selected between small (76 cm), medium (85 cm) and (large 92 cm). The armrests can be lowered to the side by Stabilus gas pressure springs.

Features :
  • Mechanically extendable rollers
  • Automatic lock function
  • Armrests lowerable by gas pressure spring
  • Height, tilt, backrest and footrest electrically adjustable
  • Hand switch with double-click function

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Excludes : all taxes and local levis.
Excludes : Installation of 7.5% on total charges.

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