• Electrical: 220V AC, 85 Watts, European Schuko type E/F hybrid plug.

Cold Towel Cabinet from Taiji

Product Code: CT006

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Description :

Cold Towel Cabinet from Taiji
Keeps pre-moistened towels at constant temperature of 7-10 degrees C (44 - 50 degrees F). 6 liter capacity holds 25-35 small hand cloths (300mm x 340mm or 12" x 12" each), includes a drain tray. 

Features :
  • Great temperature control system and better heat permeability provide additional stability.
  • Chemical resistance plastic reduces chemical attack cracking.

Dimensions : Outside Dimensions: W30 x D34 x H26.1 cm Inside Dimensions: W22.7 x H18.2 x D15.2 cm

Weight : 5Kg

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Excludes : Installation of 7.5% on total charges.

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