• Minimum distances (mm) side/front/ceiling/floor - 40/80/1100/120
  • Power(KW) - 6Kw, 9Kw, 18Kw, 24Kw

Tylo Steam Generator

Product Code: ST02

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Commercial steam generator for public facilitie with a new standard in smart solutions for maximum output. Minimum Water consumption, energy efficiency through patented divided output feature. Two-way communication between the control panel and the steam generator provides automatic and constant monitoring of steam and temperature.

Features :
  • Possible to fit feautures such as auxiliary fans, fragrance and descaling pump.
  • Automatic flush which can be calibrated to the water quality in your area.
  • Suitable control panel - Elite or Pure
  • Controlyour steam bath directly from the Elite control panel or connect wirelessly via your PC or Mobile device.

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Excludes : all taxes and local levis.
Excludes : Installation of 7.5% on total charges.

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