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Salt cabin is a small portable salt room which can be shipped anywhere in the world and self-assembled by the client. It has a beautiful and natural wooden interior and exterior, color therapy lamp and a comfortable bench to sit on. Works on the basis of IIRIS-136 halogenerator.
– The salt cabin is a compact salt room (maximum size 8m2; height ca 2m)
– Made of natural wood which is an ideal substitute to artificial materials
– Salt cabin’s ceiling, walls and floor can be covered with white salt OR with wood
– The most important component is halogenerator IIRIS-136 (included in price)
– It can be shipped to different countries and self-assembled by the client
– Salt cabin can be relocated from the room where it was initially installed
– The microclimate of the salt cabin is the same as in the conventional salt chamber (dry salt aerosol)
– Various accessories are included: speakers for music, color therapy lamp, bench etc
– Room is constantly ventilated during the session
– Salt aerosol is removed from the cabin by the ventilator after the session. The ventilator is protected by the filter so that salt aerosol won’t leak into surrounding areas.
– Safety is guaranteed – the user can stop the session and get out of the salt cabin at any time
– 24 months warranty

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Excludes : all taxes and local levis.
Excludes : Installation of 7.5% on total charges.

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