Evavo Steam Generator

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Evavo's robust steam generator will fill your room up with steam within minutes. Manufactured using top quality Teflon coated in alloy elements resist scaling and are switched sequentially to maintain a constant temperature. The simple to use IP65 digital control system can be installed inside the wetroom providing continuous steaming to 60°C for up to 4 hours. Real time Diagnostics are clearly displayed. A lighting circuit can also be switched via the keypad.

Features :
  • Auto Flush and Auto Drain
  • Safety features include boil dry protection, thermal overload safety cut out and pressure relief valve.
  • ELECTRICAL SUPPLY - 230/400 Volt
  • CONTROLLER - OCD digital controller
  • OUTPUT - 4.5Kw, 6Kw, 9Kw, 12Kw, 15Kw, 18Kw

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