Evavo Wellness has an extensive list of clients from all over the globe including hotel spas, destinations spas, wellness centres, day spas, medi spas, salons, yachts, independent therapists and residential homes.

Sandi Goddara - Director for Lodha World one Crest tower

"Under very challenging circumstances they were able to get the equipment running and working"

Bhanuprakash - Project Manager - JP Group

This is to certify that,

We engaged team Evavo Wellness ( Mr Siddharth Shetty) after getting a good reference from the Hotel  team and looking at  their track record in helping Owners design Functionally correct and Wow Spas.

Siddharth, posted a detailed review of our project's unique location and needs, he  helped optimise the space and create more Revenue generating spaces and add treatment concepts which will enhance our Spa offering.

He also helped in creating a detailed plan for MEP and services design for the Spa area including the Spa Wet areas and the Engineering service floor.

Evavo team was available at all times and have provided a major value addition in the development of the Spa in our upcoming resort as per the terms of agreement dated February 2019


”The Fife Arms holds considerable history and a defining place in the local area. For this reason, the attention to detail and precision has been unwavering.

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