Experience Shower

Experience Shower combines a unique variety of multi-temperature water sequences with soothi ....

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Chilled Shower

The water temperature maintained is 7 to 12 Degree C. Hot Sauna or Steam open the pores of the sk ....

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Ice bucket

Ice bucket gives you chilled Experience in Spa

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Ice fountain

The ice fountain after a sauna or steam bath is a dessert treat after a delicious feast. Ice foun ....

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Vichy shower

A Vichy shower is a shower with from 5-7 vertical shower heads in w ....

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Wet Tables

Wet Tables have been designed for the day spa that desires to offer wet room treat ....

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Snow Room

Easy snowflakes slowly fall and thaw on a palm. Fluffy snowdrifts shine as whiteness.Wherever you ....

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Experience Shower, Chilled Shower and Other Shower Products

Showers have been a part of spa treatment from the inception and introduction of spa, sauna and steam bathing. Known for the complementary health benefits and the mainstream steam or sauna treatment, Shower is usually categorised as hot and cold or ice showers. Generally used to eliminate the dirt and debris caused due to sweat, showers are a way to wash up after the rejuvenation process. However, witnessing the change in approach towards spa, ice and showers have emerged as a prominent approach towards concluding any form of the spa experience. An ideal way to stabilise the body temperature and blood circulation after hot steam, sauna or any form of spa therapy that promotes warmth; these different ice and cold showers promote quick recovery from a rigorous workout or heavy exercise.

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