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Feel the sound in your body.

Accompanied by music and atmospheric light, you breathe wonderful aromas. The Vis à vis offers you the unique combination of different energizing energies.

Through the use of sound waves and colored light , an extremely effective micro massage of all cells, organs and body parts is carried out. The psyche is also positively influenced. All bathers' sensory and motor skills are noticeably activated. In the vis à vis one or two people can enjoy the bathroom together, the SoleMio offers only single bathrooms .


Immerse yourself in the world of sound. Whether rock, pop, classical or special relaxation music, the sound is crystal clear. The tub acts as a sound box and transmits the vibrations to the bathers. So can the music be perceived with unimagined intensity? over the ear and in every fiber of the body. Here you can feel Beethoven!


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