• Frequency: 60Hz-50Hz
  • Voltage: - 220V-240V.
  • Dimensions :- 37(L) x 21.5(W) x 24(H) cm

UV Sterilizer

Product Code: UV11

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Description :

UV Sterilizer helps you keep your things clean. It is a useful appliance with UV light for an optical sterilization of any kind of instruments, brushes, surgical tools and scissors etc. The machine to sanitize tools at salons, beauty stores barbershops, etc. You simply put the tools inside the machine, select the time wanted, and let the machine do the rest. The UV sterilizer uses a protective alloy board, which prevents the ultraviolet rays from radiating out of the device.

Features :
  • Stainless steel tray inside
  • Door have dark tint to avoid UV light inside
  • Build-in UV light
  • Build-in thermostat prevents the overheating

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Excludes : all taxes and local levis.
Excludes : Installation of 7.5% on total charges.

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