It is a given that a spa positively influences a hotel or resort ADR and occupancy levels. There is significant evidence that a spa can positively impact rates and occupancy levels and it should be considered if your property is a full service hotel, resort or destination property.

A Evavo spa feasibility study can help determine the most appropriate size, initial sizing and major costs.

For most Spas the profit or loss is decided at the very initial design stage – it is important to get the Sizing, Flow, functional design , guest journey and selection of amenities right.

Our feasibility study will give you a projection for five years operating income, Opex with all of the associated revenue and expense assumptions.

Simply because a Chef cannot design a Kitchen, cannot bring in the MEP expertise. Designing a Spa needs Guest behaviour expertise, spa specific MEP knowledge, Revenue and space planning background, Spa Specific material , finishes knowledge among others.

You can consider the development of an internal brand, one that is created especially for you and for your project(s). If you plan to have multiple projects where you would like to have a unifying spa brand, it is best to consider the creation of a brand that goes with your guest profile and main brand image

Alternatively, one can consider having an outside brand that is already a known commodity to consumers and one that carries with it the potential for positive exposure through press and media attention. This allows you to have experts drive and manage your spa business of course at a cost.

What makes us different from our competitors is our ability to bring cross-functional teams together to work through each phase of development to improve Revenue-Per-Square-feet and the guest experience

Our team is comprised of experts from the fields of Spa Concept, , Design, MEP Engineering, Equipment planning, Operations, Marketing and Finance

  • Ability to deliver & install leading international Spa equipments / products. With post sales service
  • Powerful combination of Western + Asian experience and professionalism.
  • Vast industry knowledge and Operation Experience
  • Creation of Signature Amenities
  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of local cultures.
  • Delivery of all spa categories of destination spa, resort spa, city hotel spa and standalone day spas.

There is no one simple answer to this question. The single most important factor is to hire and train spa staff that positively influence the image and perception of consumers with regard to the spa “experience” so that they will return time and again. This requires constant training in all areas of guest and customer service and the small touch points needed to provide exemplary service need to be constantly reviewed. Also, having a delineative spa menu of services that is easy to understand and is compelling is an important factor as is having a viable marketing and promotion plan which can be executed effectively. Additionally, product selection is very important as this is typically an important factor in bottom line results. It is critical that the spa be consistently exposed to both internal guests of the hotel/resort and to a “non–guest population” in the surrounding area. In many instances, in order for the spa to be profitable, it is necessary to drive a considerable amount of revenue from outside sources nearby to the property. In summary, a quality staff with a focus on guest/customer service, an interesting and easy to understand menu of treatments, products which fit the facility and culture of the surroundings and a proactive marketing/promotion effort all influence the opportunity for a viable revenue stream and profits from a spa.

We can help create a concept and can also bring Club / Spa brand partners for you to assess and engage

Evavo always quotes custom services based on each client's specific needs. Since every project is unique, and with the scope of work varying tremendously, the time required to complete each task must be calculated. Your quote may be estimated at a Lumpsum project rate, a single visit rate or Offline hourly rate as mutually agreed

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